Strategies for Calm During Market Turmoil

Don't Overreact!

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1. Reassess Your Long Term Goals

Short-term volatility and turmoil in the market is nothing new - if you are investing long term it may be wise to stick with your goals. If you feel you don't have the fortitude to wait the markets out, contact your financial advisor and create a strategy to serve both your goals and emotions.

Historically, market declines are short-lived events. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Before acting in haste, check with your financial advisor or get a second opinion.

2.Review Your Asset Allocation

Be sure your portfolio is allocated with strategic types of investments. It can be important to stick to this strategic balance during times of volatility. It may be a good time to review your portfolio allocation.

3. Trying to Time the Market is Not a Good Strategy

Even experienced investors find this, if not impossible, risky and improbable to be consistent.

4. Use the Turmoil and Volatility to Your Advantage

It can be nerve-wracking and emotionally stressful during times of market volatility, but when it's over you might end up better than before it happened. That is if you have the right strategies in place.