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Financial Strategies in Business

Planning for Life Events & in Business

Advantages & Disadvantages of Self-Employment

You've grown tired of commuting to a job where you sit in a cubicle and do someone else's bidding. You've got a better idea, you can build a better mousetrap, you know you have the knack for being in the right place at the right time, and so you're thinking of self-employment. But how do you determine if this is a pipe dream or an idea worth pursuing?...

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Benefit Plans for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, you may be finding it increasingly necessary to implement a benefit program to attract and maintain employees. For small businesses, benefit plans generally consist of some of the major insurance benefits, discussed here, as well as employer-sponsored retirement plans...

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Business Owner Succession Planning

Every successful business owner must eventually face the question: What will happen to my business when I become disabled, retire, or die? Sooner or later, you will generally need to identify someone to transfer your ownership interest to family members, co-owners, key employees, or an outside party. Without a succession plan, the business may need to be liquidated...

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Choosing the Right Retirement Plan for Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur and you’re not looking back. You’ve opened your own business, whether alone or with other partners, and you’ve found some success. Now you’re thinking about retirement, not just for you, but also for any employees you may have...

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Employee Benefits

Creating a Winning Compensation Strategy

In order to remain competitive, as well as attract and retain top employees, employers are faced with the task of creating a winning compensation strategy that will not only accomplish these objectives, but will also maintain corporate budgeting constraints...

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Independent Contractor or Employee?

The idea of hiring individuals to perform certain jobs without having to put them on the payroll is appealing to many business owners. But before you decide to use an independent contractor, make sure the person you hire is a genuine freelancer who is not needed to perform services integral to the operation of your company. Otherwise, the government could determine retroactively...

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