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Asset Protection Stress Test

Family Index Stress Test

At Valley Oak Wealth Management, we spent earlier years managing our clients wealth through the market meltdown.

Others may not have been that lucky. U.S. investors lost more than 6 trillion dollars(1) — everything from college money to retirement savings. And the worst wasn't immediately over.

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One of the tools we use at Valley Oak Wealth Management to help investors assess the risk in their portfolio is the Family Stress Test. We’ve identified seven economic scenarios that we believe have some chance of occurring over the next few years. Based on these scenarios, we “stress test” your portfolio to help determine where it may be vulnerable. Based on this analysis you will have suggestions as to how your portfolio should be structured given the seven economic scenarios.

We know these are very stressful times. We also know buying stock, holding onto it, and hoping for positive returns, will no longer cut it. The Family Index Stress Test(SM) is critical for people who have money in the market.

Remember—hope is not a strategy. The world is changing fast and this test can help highlight where your portfolio might need to change.



7 Economic Scenarios Identified, from the Founder of Valley Oak Wealth Management, Tim Russell

“Speculation is an effort, probably unsuccessful, to turn a little money into a lot. Investment is an effort, which should be successful, to prevent a lot of money from becoming a little.”

Fred Schwed Jr.