About Valley Oak Wealth Management

Over a Quarter of a Century

Our Goal

To plan & manage your wealth - resulting in growth - as an oak seedling does over the years into a solid, dependable oak tree.

Our experience analyzing the markets spans over a quarter of a century and encompasses numerous economic cycles. Market swings are nothing new or surprising to us. We respond to them as we always have, with the confidence and composure borne of empiric knowledge.

Over the years, the intelligence we’ve gained and the judgments we’ve made have proven invaluable in crafting investment portfolios that are flexible and sustainable. Our first priority has always been to help our clients toward growing and protecting their assets.

Our Clients' Trust

We recognize the profound responsibility associated with managing your portfolio. Our clients trust us for candid advice that puts their interests first. We are aligned with them. We sit at the same table and invest in many of the same recommendations we make to our clients.

Many of our client relationships extend through multiple generations.

"Our clients can expect us to be there throughout their life — to celebrate the best times and to walk side by side through the hard times."

Tim Russell

Our Independence - Why that's important to you

Our independence means we can offer our clients impartial investment counsel because we are not linked to any proprietary products. What that means in simple language is that unlike big Wall Street firms, we are not tempted to push in-house or commissioned investment products because they are more profitable or because our trading desk has an oversupply of a certain issue.

Many investors still find it difficult to decipher the various financial terms used to describe advisors and what they do. We try to bring clarity to an otherwise muddled picture by confidently stating that we always place the best interests of our clients first. We represent Main Street, not Wall Street.

Our advisors are Registered Representatives with the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer, LPL Financial*. That affiliation gives our clients access to LPL Financial’s renowned array of services, including comprehensive technical analysis and market research.

Our Commitment to You

We recognize the vital roles that experience, integrity and independence have played in building lasting client relationships. We vow to continue that legacy in the years ahead.

*As reported in Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2012, based on total revenues.

“I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.”

George Washington